Sex Work & Women’s Movements (in India & U.S.)

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CREA, a feminist human rights organization based in India, published a paper by Svati P. Shah that examines key issues in the relationship between sex workers’ and women’s movements, using the United States and India as its examples. The paper explores the history of women’s movements and sex workers’ movements, as well as whether and how they intersect. It goes on to discuss the contemporary context, including the status of alliances and dialogue between women’s movements and...

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Street Corner Secrets: Sex, Work, and Migration in the City of Mumbai

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“Street Corner Secrets: Sex, Work, and Migration in the City of Mumbai challenges widespread notions of sex work in India by examining solicitation in three spaces within the city of Mumbai that are seldom placed within the same analytic frame: brothels, streets, and public day-wage labor markets (nakas), where sexual commerce may be solicited discretely alongside other income-generating activities. Focusing on women who migrated to Mumbai from rural, economically underdeveloped...

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Study of Thailand’s Recent Efforts to Counter Human Trafficking

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On June 30, 2016, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) released a study detailing Thailand’s initiatives to counter human trafficking over the past five years. The report, supported by a research grant from the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, DC,  contains a review of documents and interviews with experts in the field of trafficking prevention, as well as an assessment of the methodologies of the U.S. Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat...

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Call for Papers: Where’s the Evidence? The Anti-Trafficking Review (Deadline for Submission: July 1, 2016)

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Call for Papers: Where’s the Evidence? The Anti-Trafficking Review (Deadline for Submission: July 1, 2016) Responses to, and international interest in, human trafficking have proceeded apace over the past 15 years in line with the adoption of the UN Trafficking Protocol. Yet, a great deal of anti-trafficking work is based on assumptions that are not well-proven and infrequently questioned. Why, for example, do some regions or groups emerge as trafficking hot-spots to become...

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Anti-Trafficking Review – New Issue and Call for Papers

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Anti-Trafficking Review No.5 (2015): Forced Labour and Human Trafficking Human trafficking is now associated, and sometimes used interchangeably, with slavery and forced labour. As this issue highlights, this shift in how we use these terms has real consequences in terms of legal and policy responses to exploitation. Authors – both academics and practitioners – review how the global community is addressing forced labour and trafficking. In 2014 governments across the globe...

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New Issue of the Anti-Trafficking Review – Following the Money: Spending on Anti-Trafficking

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Issue 3 of the Anti-Trafficking Review focuses on money trails in the anti-trafficking sector, and is the first of its kind as to date there has been no research on how much is spent combating the human rights abuses that amount to human trafficking. This themed issue looks at money trails that reveal how anti-trafficking money has changed the world for the better or for worse. Trafficked persons do not always benefit from money flows aimed in their direction, or indeed may suffer as a result...

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