Anti-Trafficking Review – New Issue and Call for Papers

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Anti-Trafficking Review No.5 (2015): Forced Labour and Human Trafficking Human trafficking is now associated, and sometimes used interchangeably, with slavery and forced labour. As this issue highlights, this shift in how we use these terms has real consequences in terms of legal and policy responses to exploitation. Authors – both academics and practitioners – review how the global community is addressing forced labour and trafficking. In 2014 governments across the globe...

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Human Rights, Labor, and the Prevention of Human Trafficking: A Response to A Labor Paradigm for Human Trafficking by Jonathan Todres

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Abstract: This Essay responds to an article by Hila Shamir previously published in the UCLA Law Review, in which she suggests that human rights has failed as a framework for addressing human trafficking and that instead a labor model would be more successful. Although her article identifies potentially important benefits of a labor perspective, the binary framework it establishes, pitting human rights and labor against each other, is counterproductive. Her article mischaracterizes...

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The Private Sector’s Pivotal Role in Combating Human Trafficking by Jonathan Todres

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Executive Summary: The attached article explores the ways in which the private sector can help address trafficking and exploitation of persons, including children. It examines how the private sector’s (1) position in relation to streams of commerce, (2) focus on innovation, and (3) access to resources, position it as a potentially valuable partner in combating trafficking and exploitation of human beings. The article examines each of these three key features of the private sector. It does not...

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The Celebrification of Human Trafficking, Part III

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Ricky Martin   Ricky Martin has been a recent favorite of both the Executive and Legislative branches of the US government. He has been the recipient of substantial US government anti-trafficking funding, and has been a frequent celebrity witness before Congress. How does Martin’s work relate to human trafficking?  Martin is a Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF, and through this humanitarian interest in children, created his own NGO, the Ricky Martin Foundation, which specifically works...

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