The Private Sector’s Pivotal Role in Combating Human Trafficking by Jonathan Todres

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Executive Summary: The attached article explores the ways in which the private sector can help address trafficking and exploitation of persons, including children. It examines how the private sector’s (1) position in relation to streams of commerce, (2) focus on innovation, and (3) access to resources, position it as a potentially valuable partner in combating trafficking and exploitation of human beings. The article examines each of these three key features of the private sector. It does not...

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The Coercion of Trafficked Workers by Kathleen Kim

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Theories of coercion exist across multiple disciplines to explicate the ability of one actor, the coercer, to diminish the free will of another, the coercee, in the absence of overt physical force. A valid claim of coercion places legal blame on the coercer or relinquishes the coercee from legal responsibility for a coerced act or omission. Defining the point at which coercion occurs, however, is the conceptually more difficult task. Recently, coercion has emerged as a significant source of...

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After Gender: Tools for Progressives in a Shift from Sexual Domination to the Economic Family by Janet Halley

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When transnational law looks at sex, gender, and sexuality today, what does it identify as “the problem”? I think it is safe to say that the answer is “male domination, in, through, and as sexuality”—that is, the core idea of Catherine A. MacKinnon’s structuralist sexual-subordination feminism (“SSSF” for purposes of this Essay)—complexified somewhat by some cultural feminist inputs, such as the idea that women’s maternal role gives them access to redemptive strategies that...

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Redirecting the Debate Over Trafficking in Women: Definitions, Paradigms, and Contexts by Janie Chuang

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As evidenced by international treaties dating back to the early twentieth century, the problem of trafficking in women is by no means a new phenomenon. However, it has only been in recent years that the problem of trafficking has again drawn world-wide concern, partly in response to reports of the sexual enslavement of Muslim women in Serbian brothels during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, and partly in response to the increasing prevalence of the trafficking of children for sexual...

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